MAST GC | About Us
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About Us

MAST design+construction a Miami based boutique company with over 10 years of experience in interior remodeling and construction. MAST design+construction is a fully licensed and insured company specialized in high-end services.

Our comprehensive set of skills and industry knowledge provides peace of mind to our clientele, from residential through small-scale comercial, from interior remodeling to new construction. Over time we have evolved into the respected boutique developers and property business we are today.

MAST design+construction is backed by a highly skilled team & sub-contractors, each sharing a commitment to bringing your idea to life with top quality industry standards. MAST design+construction prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Driven to meet the very highest standards for your project, we aim to deliver on time, on budget and beyond expectation.

Over the years we have acquired the trust from our international clients to remodel and provide turn-key projects without the client being present. Our local and international client-base backs us up.